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Today let’s talk about how important it is when buying a Sacramento Home to select the right team.

What do you mean TEAM? That’s right Team. When you think about it that is exactly what you are doing. You are putting together a group of professionals to assist you in making one of the largest financial decisions most people ever make. So let’s talk about this team.

First and foremost is your Sacramento CA Realtor. 80% of buyers work with the first Sacramento Realtor they talk to. Think about that. You are making this huge financial decision based on what? You met them at a Sacramento open house or online? Most people put more thought into planning a vacation then they do selecting a Sacramento Realtor. Don’t fall into this trap. Interview at least two preferably three Sacramento CA Real Estate agents before selecting the one you want to work with. We have a great article on this blog regarding the 10 questions you should ask your Realtor. Your Sacramento Realtor is not just there to open doors for you. They should act as the quarterback directing the team and keeping the process moving forward while alerting you to potential dangers and pitfalls.

Next is your lender. If you do not have a good Sacramento lender ask for a referral from your Sacramento Realtor. Again, interview two or three. Like Realtors they are not all the same. No matter how great the team is if the lender fails to perform the deal will fail.

The Home Inspector. Ask for referrals, interview multiple candidates, refer to our 10 questions to ask blog and don’t be shy. A Sacramento home inspection that left out important details could haunt you for years

Insurance Agent. Many people forget about the importance of a good homeowner’s insurance policy. Do you need earthquake or flood insurance. Does your plan include replacement cost of your belongings? Is the coverage sufficient to rebuild in case of a total loss. With today’s low prices this is particularly important. Again, interview two or three agents, ask for referrals and choose the person who you are most comfortable with.

The title and escrow company is usually selected by someone else however in California you do have the right to choose your own as long as you are willing to pay for it. It all depends what is customary in your area.

So there you have it. Get help, ask lots of questions and never be afraid to question those you have hired to help you.

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