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Today let’s talk about prepping your Sacramento home to sell. As you get ready to start having potential buyers come and look at your Sacramento home, there are a few things to help your home be more appealing.

Every now and then you will get a buyer who sees past all the flaws and sees your Sacramento home for what it truly is. However, 7 times out of 10, you won’t. That is why you should take the proper steps in making sure your Sacramento home is the one and only home that stands out. Look at your home in the prospective of a buyer. The main areas they want to see are the outside, the kitchen, the living room and the master bedroom.

1. Give the front of your Sacramento home a fresh new look. Cut the grass, add some flowers, and maybe even a fancy address placard. This is called “curb appeal”. It is the first thing the buyers see which entices them to want to look inside.

2. For the inside of your Sacramento home, start with opening the curtains and placing a few real/fake flowers in the living room and in the kitchen. It also helps to have a place setting on the kitchen table. This opens up the home not only making it inviting but giving it light and life.

3. Be sure to have everything off the floor. No one wants to take a tour of your home while having to do hurdles over loads of laundry.

4. When it comes to your closet reduce everything by HALF. If all of your clothes are stuffed in the closest the buyers can’t see the space, all they see is a stuffed closest that won’t fit their belongings.

5. And lastly, to make a room in your Sacramento home appear bigger, add a mirror with a light shining against it.

All of these tips will help your Sacramento home not only stand out but be more memorable.

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